Hot Cold Ground are a bluesy, rocky blues-rock band based in Norfolk, UK.  From classic blues to original songs about East Anglian A-roads, we’ve got the lot.  Formed in 2009, so it’s been over 10 years now.  HCG are Daniel, Dave, Richard and Trevor.


Things we’ve made in Photoshop



Get your kicks on the A146.  The landmarks were hand-traced, then scanned and coloured in Photoshop.  The road & river are accurate-ish representations.  This design is available on a t-shirt in our shop



Opie style. Made by tracing around each element of face/hair/clothing etc and adding an outline.  Then layered up. This took bloomin ages.



Book mockup using a downloaded template. The bit that took the time was the authentic-ish Enid Blyton pretend signature, took quite a few tries to get right.



Tube map. ‘Lines’ spelling out the HCG letters, and ‘stations’ of famous blues artists (and, self-indulgently, ourselves).  Also on a t-shirt



Airfix. This one really took some doing. Had to learn a 3D modelling program called Poser to make the figures, then export from there to add to Photoshop. A filter was used to make the elements look ‘plasticky’. The box was an amended real one for a truck of some kind.