Gig Calendar

Here are our upcoming dates – we hope to see you soon

What do we play?

Our set is a mix of classic rythm & blues tunes, a bit of rock n roll, some 60’s hits, and our own original tracks.  We play tunes that we like, and enjoyment is the key – if we’re happy, you will be too.

Some artists we like to give you a flavour: Beatles, BB King, Clapton, SRV, Little Richard, Rolling Stones, Howlin’ Wolf, Bluesbreakers, Bo Diddley, Spencer Davis, Chuck Berry, Kinks…

What do we need?

In terms of gear we come with everything we need for most venues – all you need to provide us with is a mains socket!  We’ll tailor our setup for the size of venue we’re playing.

Gig Pics