Hot Cold Ground

The band was formed in 2009 by Daniel and Dave, together with original drummer Graham.  Trevor and Daniel were already friends from their motorcycle owners’ club.  JJ soon took over drumming duties, and as of 2018, Richard is now in the drumming chair.  Keys player Glen is an occasional visitor, playing on our recorded tracks and at a few gigs.

The name comes from the 3 wires in a microphone cable, and was selected from a very long list of possibles, each as daft as the last.

So if you think Hot Cold Ground is silly, be glad we’re not called

Band name here



Born in a pond just south of Letchworth, Daniel worked his way up the ranks of the cat-herding fraternity before finding fame in a film about shoes.  Enjoys glacé cherries and ironing.


Bass/Backing Vocals

David ‘Dave’ Rupert George Evadne Aloysius Cyril Hamish Brooks was once the crown prince of Suburbia before abdicating for the love of a goldfish called Errol.


Guitar/Backing Vocals

Trevor is the driving force behind Trevinitone amplifiers, so he knows a bit about tone.
Here are some interesting facts you may not know about Trevor – we call it Trevor Trivia
Trevor Trivia here



Always the philanthropist, Richard donated most of his hair to the poor in 1987.  He kept a small amount of it for himself but refuses to say where.