Things we’ve made in Photoshop



Get your kicks on the A146.  The landmarks were hand-traced, then scanned and coloured in Photoshop.  The road & river are accurate-ish representations.  This design is available on a t-shirt in our shop



Opie style. Made by tracing around each element of face/hair/clothing etc and adding an outline.  Then layered up. This took bloomin ages.



Book mockup using a downloaded template. The bit that took the time was the authentic-ish Enid Blyton pretend signature, took quite a few tries to get right.



Tube map. ‘Lines’ spelling out the HCG letters, and ‘stations’ of famous blues artists (and, self-indulgently, ourselves).  Also on a t-shirt



Airfix. This one really took some doing. Had to learn a 3D modelling program called Poser to make the figures, then export from there to add to Photoshop. A filter was used to make the elements look ‘plasticky’. The box was an amended real one for a truck of some kind.