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Hot Cold Ground - Links

Here's our links page. It's got links to other sites. You know how it works.


Here are some links to our friends' and contacts' websites:

HCG on Twitter - follow our occasional ramblings

Daniel Carway - HCG's singer/guitarist and web designer.  All types of computer geekery undertaken

Trevinitone - our Trev's very own amp-building division. Top-quality components and hand-made point-to-point wiring. You want tone? Here's where it lives.

YouTube - some videos of us playing live

Facebook - our Facebook fan page

UK Entertainment Agency - Hire Bands, Musicians & much more for your UK Wedding or Event...

Carpe TDM - since Daniel & Trev (and now Glen) are all Yamaha TDM owners, and met on this site, it seems only right to link it.

Norwich Events - website promoting, you guessed it, events in Norwich & East Anglia

Shadow Crew - Honda Shadow Owners' group and forum, for whom we play some of our most fun gigs!

Carway-Roe Events - bespoke catering and event planning