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Get in touch with Hot Cold Ground

If you feel so inclined, give us a call or send us one of them new-fangled eee-mails. This page also contains info for prospective venues.

How to contact us

You can call Daniel on 07736 317980, or click here to send us an email. Alternatively, use the form below, or you can message us on Facebook. We're usually pretty quick at replying, but occasionally our replies get flagged as spam, so check your junk folder!

Contact form

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Information for venues

If you're wondering about our technical setup, we're geared to pub-type venues, but with a big enough sound to fill a function room if necessary. As a 4-piece we need to fit in a drum kit (which of course can be adapted to fit very small locations), 3 guitar amplifiers and our small PA. The PA consists of a sub unit about the size of a guitar amp, and 2 speakers on stands. So if you want us on a stage or in the corner of the bar, we can adapt!