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Out of the smouldering ashes of something else arose a mighty blues band, playing that lovely music that people who love the blues love.

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HCG Blog

Christmas is here again!
With the Christmas season upon us once again it's time to drag out our one and only festive song, recorded live last year at the Sailor's Home, Kessingland (where we're playing on New Year's Day). It's the perfect thing to go with your sprouts. We present (pun intended) No Tinsel...
Posted on 07 Dec 2016 by daniel
Guitar-cam technical bit
If you're wondering how we did the guitar-cam bits in our No Lyrics video, it was on the tightest of budgets with a £7 fake lighter camera off eBay, a sunglasses clip from generic cheap car accessory shop and some Velcro. The mic in the camera is rubbish, and certainly can't cope with Trev's loud noises, so the video had to be synced with the music in Premiere Pro.
Posted on 26 Jan 2016 by daniel
New video out for No Lyrics
Starring Trev's magic fingers, here's a video for our original song No Lyrics, which is a song about how hard it is to write songs. Watch to the end for a surprise Trev. Feel free to share it on your social medias. You can download the track at SoundCloud
Posted on 23 Jan 2016 by daniel

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Money Can't Buy Offer!

Another not-available-in-shops (or anywhere else other than our deranged imaginations) offer.

What do you buy the man who has everything?

Not this, that's for sure. The result of far too much time spent messing around with Poser3D and Photoshop, the first HCG Airfix model kit is not available in shops or indeed anywhere.

Silly things with hats and Trevor Trivia

Just recently several of us have started wearing hats, well why not - you've got to have some sort of 'look' haven't you? Poor Glen missed out and got a bit jealous, so we've made the Glen's Hats Game to make him feel better. Waste at least 45 seconds of your time seeing what suits him.

Also added is the new Trevor Trivia section (or Trevia, if you like), where you can learn interesting facts about your favourite guitarist, and even submit your own.

WOW! New recordings!

Look over to the right - there's our mini Music Player, now includes new recordings. Or clicky the link to open the music player in a popup, and listen while you surf!

Buy stuff!

tshirtWe have created a Spreadshirt store so ardent fans can buy shirts and stuff with our name on them. And who doesn't want that, eh? Click here to go crazy with your credit card.


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